4 Current Trends in Contemporary Romance

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I thought I'd drop in to do a little research analysis for you and talk a little about some of the top trends in Contemporary Romance at the moment. These are totally subjective from what I've observed and based on my observations as well as a little bit coming from survey responses, I now share them with you.

Disclaimer: these trends tend to go in and out with the tides, so take the date of this post into consideration when you're reading this a year or more (or less?) down the line.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it's just a few Super Trends topping the charts in recent months I thought we could discuss amongst ourselves, so feel free to comment down below if something jumps out at you, or if something didn't make the list that you think should have!

Trend #1: Illustrated Covers

I have to admit that I'm so unbelievably drawn to these cartoonish covers. They have a special place on my kindle bookshelf and have slowly begun plotting a hostile takeover. It's like you just know these are going to be fun, flirty, and hard to put down.

Trend #2: Brightly Covered Rom Coms

If these babies don't catch the eye and make you want to buy, I don't know what will. I swear that Emma Hart's entire backlist just screams "Here I Am and I'm Fabulous!"

Trend #3: Smart, Problem-Solving Heroines

Who says romance books are "brainless trash?" I have to admit, I've just recently gotten into these myself, but now I'm totally addicted and I know exactly why. Tough, smart, problem-solving women who are kicking butt and taking names, being heroines in a man's world, it just speaks to my semi-feminist heart. And the men who support them ... major swoon!

Trend #4: Tried and True Authors

Let's face it, this one will probably and hopefully always be a trend. There are just some authors we all know and love (or at least a good big majority of us) and when they give you a map to hidden treasure, you drop what you're doing to find it! Authors who have a solid track record for publishing one hit after another. To those authors, we say ... We will forever love you!

Did I miss any? Do you agree with these? Let us know below!

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